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 Ice, Ice, Baby

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Ice, Ice, Baby  Empty
PostSubject: Ice, Ice, Baby    Ice, Ice, Baby  I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 23, 2011 4:06 pm

Yup. You heard right. affraid
It's time, once again for that excitement-filled activity Sleep : Ice Harvesting Exclamation No Shocked

Place: Carirgnottin (or surrounding environs)
Date: Thursday, October 27th, for a 24 hour period. (I'll be on with Orca support approx. 1500 hrs EvE time)
Like a Star @ heaven Given the recent embargo attempts by our friends at Goonswarm pirat , I'll have the Basis and my Guardian in the Ship Maint Bay for Logi support, if necessary Like a Star @ heaven

A large Corp/Alliance gathering would be nice but all that's required is to make the Op at some point. cheers If you absolutely can't make it any time in that time period, Embarassed A donation is always appreciated. santa

This will be a regular monthly op for the foreseeable future. Future dates will be announced. I would still like to try a Low-sec Ice Op sometime soon as the Oxygen Isotope return would be worthwhile even if we only managed an hour and got ganked (as long as the Ice got out).

See you there! What a Face

Fars king
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Ice, Ice, Baby
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