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 More change is on the horizon...

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More change is on the horizon... Empty
PostSubject: More change is on the horizon...   More change is on the horizon... I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 10, 2012 11:22 pm

Before Jita Burns; before the Month long Hulkageddon, comes Inferno, the latest EvE release from CCP. Escalation (1st iteration of Inferno) arrives on April 24th, and it promises some radical changes that will affect mineral and ship prices for quite some time. Here are some of the blogs talking on the subject:

Jester's Trek: and

Mad Haberdashers: and


Scram Web:

I am especially intrigued by the idea that most ABC mins will come out of WH space. We should do some thinking and discussing, keep an open mind, and brainstorm our thoughts. This C3 has been supremely active in terms of the bounty it has to offer and, until now, we have not fully taken advantage of it. With the coming nerfs to loot drops, Vanguard (and general Incursion changes/nerfs), NPC drone mineral nerfs, etc, How do you think we should proceed? What direction should we be pointing in? Oh, and one more nerf on the horizon; we set up our carriers to be used in the same manner as the carriers in the R & K video -- to be able to make running refits on our ships in a fight. CCP is nerfing that ability in an attempt to make a TITAN nerf. Yup, at least, at this point they are nerfing ALL ability to refit from ship arrays once combat has begun. WTF????

Lots 'o stuff happening this month!

Fly reckless,

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More change is on the horizon...
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