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 Jita Burned and Hulkageddon is rolling along...

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Jita Burned and Hulkageddon is rolling along... Empty
PostSubject: Jita Burned and Hulkageddon is rolling along...   Jita Burned and Hulkageddon is rolling along... I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 29, 2012 11:37 am

Almost unnoticed by those of us wise enough to stay away from The Forge and Jita during the event, some 6000 to 8000 ships of all types went to their icy graves over the 2 day event (not including, approximately, triple that number who were appropriately treated by CONCORD for their miscreant acts) Thrashers and Tornadoes died by the fistful and the LIVE feed showed a sea of red outside Jita 4-4. To a large extent Capsuleers seemed oblivious to the event and continued to autopilot to Jita as if nothing was happening. At one point Jita was locked down and auto piloted ships piled up out side each of the gates into Jita. The call went out and gankers arrived at the gates out side Jita where mass slaughter on a grand scale ensued. affraid A few enterprising individuals (read: completely heedless of the massive hit to their security standings) smart bombed the pods out side the gates and sent a great many capsuleers to wake up in their home vats, wondering WTF!? Shocked Sad Mad

Directly on the heels of Burn Jita came Hulkageddon V: Unholy Union, brought to us by Helicity Boson and the wonderful folks of Goonswarm Federation, which kicked off at 0001 EvE time on April 29th and runs one full month to May 29th. At the time of this writing, over 150 Exhumers, Mining Barges, and Industrial Command Ships (Orcas) had been laid to rest, and, apparently, 2 unpiloted Orcas were liberated from their careless owners. The next month should be a very interesting time in the New Eden Universe. Stay alert, Fly reckless, and see you soon.

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Jita Burned and Hulkageddon is rolling along...
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