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 Oh, crap! We're f@#%ed! or: Why you should keep a cloaked Scout outside your Null Space wormhole exit.

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PostSubject: Oh, crap! We're f@#%ed! or: Why you should keep a cloaked Scout outside your Null Space wormhole exit.   Sun Apr 29, 2012 2:16 pm

We had a K162 exit to null sec space, out in the Drone Regions. There was an Ice Field with lots and lots of lovely Glare Crust and Dark Glitter ice to help feed our hungry POSs so we put together an impromptu Ice Harvesting op and jumped out, keeping a strict eye on local. Local stayed clear. Not a single soul entered system the entire hour we were in the Ice Field. One of our pilots scanned the system and found there were over 10 anomalies in the system. When we got bored with making ice cubes (which doesn't take long with 6 to 8 minute cycle times on the Ice Harvesters) we decided to go back to the wormhole, re-ship, and come back to run some of the anomalies, now that Rogue Drones gave bounties instead of minerals. Besides, we don't get the chance to play in a totally deserted Null Sec system all that often.

Zoey, Raiin, etFils, and Rockit were ready first, and headed to the exit. Zoey and Raiin exited first. This is where the critical mistake got made. Zoey was in a Fleet Tempest battleship, Raiin was in a Navy Armageddon. Rockit was in a T3 Proteus, configured as scout/scanner. Now, keep in mind the Wormhole Observer checked and reported in when the fleet re-entered the hole, that there was no change to the wormhole's stability. What SHOULD have happened is that Rockit, in the scout ship, should have exited first. What ACTUALLY occurred was that Zoey and Raiin jumped, followed in close succession by Rockit and etFils. The first indication anything was wrong were the warnings flashing across all the ships' sensor screens that the wormhole had collapsed. What followed was several moments of confusion attempting to determine what actually happened and where we actually were. As the minutes dragged on it became apparent Raiin and Zoey, while in the same system, were nowhere near each other. It turns out, Zoey was at the Exit site from the wormhole but Raiin was some 10 AU away. Our speculation, at this time, is that Raiin was actually crossing the Wormhole threshold at the time of collapse and may have been dragged over that distance by the wormhole as it collapsed. As a practical matter it is of no relevance but it is a curious phenomena to be looked into.

Now comes the "Oh, crap!" part. When we determined where we were, we discovered we were 56 jumps from home space, 36 of them very red 0.0 systems and another 10 Low-sec. Everything came to a halt. I imagine the silence was rather like the moment Jim Lovell uttered the words,"Houston, we have a problem.", and the slight, momentary, utterly silent moment seemed to stretch forever before the chaos of reality reasserted itself. The major difference, of course, being that Lovell and his crew were facing real peril, while Zoey and Raiin faced digital death and reincarnation; still...

In the end we concluded we would have to wait for a cloaked rescue scout to make it's way out to us and then, either find another wormhole and chance finding an exit to somewhere more hospitable, or attempt to scout us back to Empire space through the Etherium Reach. That is another adventure for another story, and, yet another lesson to learn in New Eden.

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Oh, crap! We're f@#%ed! or: Why you should keep a cloaked Scout outside your Null Space wormhole exit.
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