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 Some thoughts and a truncated history...

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Some thoughts and a truncated history... Empty
PostSubject: Some thoughts and a truncated history...   Some thoughts and a truncated history... I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 24, 2011 4:16 pm

I thought I would take some time and put down some thoughts on our new alliance and a brief summary leading to it’s formation.
I’m very excited about the formation of this alliance. This is a whole new aspect of EvE for me. I have not been a CEO for that long and now forming an alliance: heady stuff! My experience within EvE has taught me to be wary of entering into relationships, formal and informal, for betrayal is a part of living in the EvE universe. After nearly 3 years in the Eve-verse I have relatively few friends or acquaintances that I regularly fly with. My road to forming relationships in New Eden has been slow but I feel certain that I am flying with people I like and, as much as can be in Eve, people I trust. This is no small thing. We have all been on the sh**ty end of betrayal in game and we all know how that feels. I felt very blessed when I fell in with OldRoaddog65 and CC&C a couple years ago when the first Corp I was in (also a small group of like-minded folk) became static and I felt the need to move on. Then Freedom7 came onboard and, for the first time, I felt a kindred spirit in Eve. CC&C formed an alliance and during that time The Gohrr family came along and Scrauglan came back and the base of an in-game family unit was formed; and tested. We were War-decc’d by some pretty serious folk and disbandment of the newly formed alliance was the price of settling it and L.R.O. was formed in the aftermath… and then there was TigerXtrm, who ripped us off for approx 10 billion ISK in assets. Our core got smaller, but tighter; we began to form and adopt some rules and ethics to play by and what to look for in others. “Like-minded” became a watch/catch phrase in our game play. We were playing and living, for the most part, as two corps. There was our core living in, and maintaining a Class 1 Wormhole, and, what I have referred to as, the “Malma Miners” who, basically, just wanted to spend their time in the belts, well, mining. At some point in here we, well, that is, Free, came across Fox Clan and a dialog was begun. Then Fox Clan was War-decc’d and we offered sanctuary in our C1. Fox Clan took a risk and moved in to a Class 1 Wormhole with a relatively unknown group and the leap of faith, on both sides, paid off. The members of Fox Clan seemed to be well suited to our “like-minded” approach and, the IOG incident aside, this turned out to be the case. We drew together as a griefing invader, Amthala et al, came to roost in our little patch of Eden and the friendship between Fox Clan and L.R.O. grew stronger. When it became obvious that occupation in the C1 was untenable it also became obvious that the wormhole dwellers were tired of a passive lifestyle. We felt this made a split from L.R.O. necessary so we formed our own Corp, Pisces Group, with Wormhole occupation and PvP as it’s stated goal. Several members of Fox Clan expressed interest in the same goals and invitations to join Pisces were made. The merger of the two clans seemed to be the end of Fox Clan, a Corp/Guild name that had been born and carried through several game incarnations. An element of stress and drama began to creep in, threatening to undo a promising growth adventure. We all felt this should be avoided. I felt his presented an opportunity to accomplish our goal of merging like game styles and preserving a small gaming legacy, at the same time. Our alliance, Inari Kimon, was born.

Inari Kimon

Briefly… Inari is a Japanese kami, or spirit, of the Shinto belief. Among other things, Inari is believed to be a protector of warriors and sea-folk and the fox is one of the images associated with Inari. The addition of the word Kimon makes a more convoluted image but, very loosely translated, Inari Kimon brings the image of “Demon Guardians of the Gate”. If not who we are yet, it is who we aspire to be. We will continue to build upon this idea and make it our identity as a group. Welcome to the journey!

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Some thoughts and a truncated history...
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