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 Six Pack

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PostSubject: Six Pack   Six Pack I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 26, 2011 11:42 pm

Well, what a day it was. Let’s call this one a “Six Pack”, shall we? The day started off just fine. I brought 3 of four characters online, with the intention of doing PI. Freedom brought his 3 chars on and headed to Ignebaener to pick up some BPO’s he had there. Raiin went through his PI and made his pick ups, then etFils did the 2 he has in the C2. Freedom returned and plugged in the BPO’s while RockIt prepared to make his PI collections. He picked up the 20,000 units of Biomass from Planet I and headed for Customs at Planet IV. This is where the day went off the rails.
On approach to the Customs Dock at IV I noticed, with a certain level of uncomprehending disbelief, a yellow-tagged Minmatar Tempest, seemingly just hanging out at the dock. As I slowly began to realize the import of what I saw, I told Freedom who was already in an Arazu and quickly jumped grah into a Phobos, preparing to come after me. The Tempest locked up my Itty 5 and, as it was obvious I was going down, I aligned to the star and began spamming the “Warp to…” button. Free arrived as my ship popped and my pod went into warp. My hope was that he could hold the ‘pest long enough for me to get Raiin back to the POS from the WH and into a Hurricane to join Free. Neuts! The Tempest had Energy Neuts and Gallente ships don’t last long under Neuts. Raiin was in Warp when Free called that, first the Arazu, then the Phobos went pop. Raiin landed and locked up the ‘pest and proceeded to dismantle his shields. Out came the drones. On came the Neuts! Without the Logi support Raiin’s tank was no match for the ‘pest and his Neuts. (Oh, I should mention that Raiin had managed to grab the ONE ‘cane in the barn with missiles instead of Neuts… yeesh) POP! Went number 4 in less than 5 minutes… TO A FREAKIN’ T1 MINMATAR BATTLESHIP! To say we suck at 1 on 1 PvP is a severe understatement. We took a deep breath and decided to re-group and rethink… quickly. I put Raiin and Storm into Basilisks and Free got into a Myrmidon and a Brutix. He warped to zero on the customs office while the Basis’ warped at range on Free to keep them out of Neut range. Of course, the Tempest had gone and the pilot left a GF in Local. I said he should come back and play but he was no longer on scan. Pissed off and frustrated, we returned to the POS and Freedom went AFK for a few minutes. While he was gone I set about solving the puzzle of how to get this guy if he should come back. I decided on ECM and Energy Neuts so I opted to put Storm in the Falcon and Raiin in the Pilgrim and, in case Free wasn’t back, RockIt in and Ishkur Assault Frigate to add blaster and drone dps to the Pilgrims drones. While I was preparing this fit I noticed Local flashing.

“I’m back.”


“Uh huh. With friends, no doubt..”

“Yeah, like I was going to take on 2 Basis in just my ‘pest.”

“lol, You did pretty well, so far.”

The Tempest was back on scan so I decided to take the Falcon and the Pilgrim and try to find the fine, good fellow. At the same time, I realized he must have come in through the C3 static or another WH since I knew he had not come through the Hi-sec static so I sent RockIt to scan since I neglected that chore earlier. ( Crap! The C3 AND another opening to an unknown WH) I stationed pilots at all 3 WH exits. Soon after I got to the C3 I saw an Anathema come through. He was another pilot from the same Corp as the Tempest pilot. He cloaked immediately but was uncloaked for some reason as he went into warp. He flew to Planet VII so I followed in the hopes he might uncloak, at some point. An odd occurrence happened, at this point. I noticed on D-scan that pilot in his capsule and an Elite Amarr Frigate in pieces. WTF?? He must have warped to a moon and landed within site of either the New Hanseatic, or Cogs and Sprogs POS. At least something was having luck killing these guys! I moved back to the C3 and took up station. Free came back on just as I spied a Drake enter from the K162 We hadn’t even formed a plan when he jumped back in. After a short discussion; “Should I jump in and see what’s there?” Freedom’s typical answer was, “Why ever not?” So I took the Falcon in and, so to speak, unzipped my fly to see what kind of spiders there might be. There were several ships on and lots of activity, but no one came to play. After about 10 minutes I jumped back and decided to have a peek in the C3. As I was headed to the C3 an Anathema reappeared through it, hung out a few minutes and jumped back. I gave him a few moments and then etFils followed him through in a Cheetah. In the meantime Raiin was on station in the Pilgrim and Storm in the Falcon, should anyone follow etFils back through. Free brought over a Brutix and Myrmidon for Dps. etFils let his cloak drop and figuratively waved his fingers in front of his nose. All that was missing was a “Nyah, nyah” in local. Sure enough, an Anathema uncloaked off his bow so etFils jumped back and dove for cover to let the big boys work.

“Wormhole activation!”

“It’s the Tempest. The Tempest came through. Lock it up!”

Free had his Battlecruisers, Autocannon fit Myrmidon and Blaster fit Brutix, locked in furious combat. NOTE: Autocannons RULE over Blasters: They just do.

Raiin brought the Pilgrim online and fired up the Neuts and the ‘pest started to lose shields fast. The Wormhole activated 3 more times. The ‘pest jumped out as 2 Pilgrims and a Broadsword uncloaked. They locked up the BC’s and the Pilgrim, the Drones came out like talons on a raptor, and events went south faster than Pancho Villa. The Pilgrim was going down fast so Raiin jumped into the C3 (desperation is a mother of a necessity) Of course, the ‘pest and an Anathema were waiting so Raiin held cloak as long as possible. They threw out drones to uncloak him but were unsuccessful. Raiin jumped back as soon as he broke cloak. Sigh…

There was nothing to be done. Once again we had jumped in with both feet into a den of alligators while wearing tank tops, shorts, and flipflops… The ‘gators were very well fed. The BC’s were going down. Raiin tried to use that fact as cover to dive the Pilgrim out of dodge. The only thing that saved the pilgrim was the fact he was able to use his MicroWarpDrive and Tracking disruptor to stay out of scram range and get into warp just as the BC’s went pop. Free got his pilots out and we managed to pick up the Drones after they left. But wait…

Where was Storm in his vaunted Falcon, you ask? Well, apparently Storm Disco’d at some point and I never realized until much later when I attempted to shut off his ECM mods and they just kept flashing red. Best. Patch. Ever.

Sooo… the count…

1 Itty V
1 Arazu Force Recon
1 Phobos Heavy Interdictor
1 Hurricane
1 Brutix
1 Myrmidon

That’s a 6-pack, right there. Lessons?? OH, YEAH, there are many lessons to take away from this Idiotic, Amazing, Frustrating, Chaotic, FUN, encounter. Those will come in a separate post. We said the main requirement to fly as a member of Pisces Group was a willingness to lose ships. Well… we certainly held up our end of that requirement, today, and Free went above and beyond. Time to pick up the pieces, learn some lessons, and cook some more ships. So, to Nkalv and the other pilots of Exiles, GF, this sixer’s for you. Next time.

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PostSubject: Re: Six Pack   Six Pack I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 27, 2011 1:10 am

Phht! I coulda lost more ships than that...
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PostSubject: Re: Six Pack   Six Pack I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 27, 2011 1:15 am

Ha! We're on our way now to do sleepers in the c2. Way to lead the pack with a no-holds-barred, we're-gonna-lose-as-many-ships-as-it-takes-to-kick-your-ass kind of attitude. YEAH BUDDY! All I can hear in my head now, as I head home, to the c2, is....

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PostSubject: Re: Six Pack   Six Pack I_icon_minitime

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Six Pack
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